Who we are?

At Wadjet PR & Consulting, we understand that change is not always easy. Since 2007, we’ve been helping individuals & companies of all sizes respond to their industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority. The term “Wadjet” means 3rd eye,  all-seeing, or intuitive. Bridgetta was born as an intuitive, making her choices in your career, a step ahead from anyone else!

Wadjet PR & Consulting was created in 2007 by Model/Film/Radio/TV Personality, Bridgetta Tomarchio. Her hit tv show on Directv had hired a PR firm that had proven to not be doing anything except collecting a monthly check from the Network. That moment combined with years of working for Val Kilmer and the network of contacts she has obtained in the industry since age 8, Bridgetta created Wadjet PR & Consulting. With her team of some of the top public relations & marketing consultants, it was Bridgetta’s mission to start a company that actually showed results.

Since then, Bridgetta and the Wadjet PR & Consulting Team has produced and managed Celebrities, Speaking Engagements/Tours, Movie/TV Premieres, Film Tours, Art Tours, Spiritual Tours, Events for Oscars, MTV Awards, Emmys, Charity Events, Gifting Suites, Sundance, book launches, seminars, Nascar, Del Mar Breeder’s Cup, and more. Bridgetta has been in media for years, and understands what its like to be on both sides of the spectrum. From over 20 years of trade shows to managing brands to promoting brands herself, her knowledge and level of detail given in branding, marketing, and PR is a cut above the rest. Our clients have included A List Celebrities, top athletes, major apparel brands, spiritual speakers, authors, bands, tech companies, start ups, products, reality tv stars, Dr’s, models, magazines, spiritual organizations, to top name brands. Privacy is at the utmost discrepancy.